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Q & A: How Often do You Recommend an Astrology Reading?

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“How often do you recommend an astrology reading? These can be addictive and do the readings change depending on an individuals mood that day?”

Brief Answer:
It’s entirely feasible that a small business owner employing 300 employees, for example, could utilize an astrologer on a full time basis, thus the analyses or readings would occur daily.

Do readings change, you ask? Though your collective timing changes regularly throughout your life, and being aware of it offers great benefits, my findings overwhelmingly show that the “nothing is set in stone” notion is a myth.

A person’s overall fate (e.g., love life, career, finances, etc.), personality, and compatibility with others stay the same. A good analyst or reader will offer you the same results about a specific situation or person no matter when you consult with him.

Extensive Answer:
Considering that an astrology reading today commonly involves “getting your chart read,” and perhaps this is what you’re referring to, please see this blog post for more information.

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