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Mercury Retrograde 2-23-2013 to 3-17-2013

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Although Mercury retrograde is only one of many astrological factors to consider, it is one of the more noticeable celestial phenomena as it relates to everyday life.

Mercury Retrograde February/March 2013 Details

  1. Mercury goes retrograde 2-23-2013 at 1:41 a.m. PST, 19 degrees 52 minutes Pisces.
  2. Mercury goes direct 3-17-2013 at 12:03 p.m. PST, 05 degrees 37 minutes Pisces.
  3. Mercury transits the sign of Pisces 2-5-2013 to 4-13-2013. Mercury is in detriment (in the sign opposite it rules) in Pisces; it is symbolically weakened, in a bad state.
  4. Mercury being in a sign in which it is debilitated, in addition to being assailed by Mars until early March, exaggerates Mercury retrograde related difficulties.
  5. Mercury gets some help in other ways, such as mutual reception with Jupiter by rulership, but it’s like Mercury is inebriated, stumbling down the sidewalk during this retrograde. Heightened frustration—in this case from about mid February until about mid March–is more common under these Mercury retrograde related circumstances, especially in regard to making progress with new projects and endeavors.

Important: be very careful of high-risk ideas, such as investment opportunities, that you encounter during Mercury retrograde periods (including the three to four weeks leading up to when Mercury goes retrograde) because your perception after the Mercury retrograde period is likely to be very different.

For example, around February 15, 2013 someone approaches you with what appears to be an extraordinary financing opportunity to expand your business. Due to your schedule, you can’t act on the prospect until early April, but by the end of March (after Mercury retrograde) you decide against it because you realize it’s so risky it could set your business back years, or even ruin it.

Please see this blog post and the linked posts within it for more information about Mercury retrograde to help you minimize the risk in your business and personal life.

Please see this blog post for a bar graph that includes Mercury retrograde periods for 2013.

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