Personality, Compatibility, and Personal Timing Are Measurable With Comprehensive Handwriting Analysis, Astrology, and Numerology

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Beginnings Matter Immensely: Astrology, Numerology, Relationships, and Timing

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The outcome of a relationship, whether it is professional or personal, is veiled in the moment you first meet, face-to-face, on-line, or otherwise.

Ralph Waldo Ellison, American novelist, wrote in “Invisible Man,” “The end is in the beginning and lies far ahead.”

The first part of the quote absolutely applies to prediction and forecasting with comprehensive astrology and numerology, specifically related to consequences of relationships.

Simply put, various patterns (e.g., positive, negative, et al.) comprised of hundreds of factors in the comprehensive charts reflect moments in time. The occasion you first connect with a new person in your life symbolizes the meaning of the relationship.

How can that be, you ask? It’s empirical science; the results are regularly acquired from the same groups of circumstances. See this blog post for more information.

The following, and much more, can be determined by assessing universal timing (reflecting the overall environment), and each person’s personal, collective timing, along with the compatibility charts:

  1. Whether the connection is rewarding or challenging, productive or fruitless.
  2. Whether the connection is fated to be short-lived or long lasting.
  3. Who has an advantage and who doesn’t.

In my view, the best approach is to go about your life and do what feels most appropriate, then when you do meet someone of importance, whether it’s personal or professional, note the approximate time, location, and date. Then look into the comprehensive charts (or have me do it for you).

Relationships, and the key circumstances of your life, appear to be arbitrary, but they are absolutely mapped. It’s like driving around in a strange city. The road you happen to take leads somewhere, you just don’t know where. Not knowing where it leads to doesn’t negate the fact that the beginning leads to the result.

Taking note of the timing surrounding first meetings, and finding out the projected consequences through the advice above, allows you to greatly reduce your risk and gain tremendous insight about yourself and others.

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