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Revealed: Handwriting Analysis Accurately Measures Stubbornness

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Merriam-Webster dictionary defines stubborn as, “…unreasonably or perversely unyielding…justifiably unyielding…resolute.” It offers some examples of stubbornness, such as, “She’s wrong, but she’s too stubborn to admit it,” and “I admire his stubborn refusal to quit.” Synonyms of stubborn include adamant, hardheaded, unrelenting, and inflexible. Antonyms include acquiescent, compliant, and yielding.

Stubbornness is fairly common and can be classified as a subconscious defense pattern, like defiance, self-deception, and excessive secrecy. Unconscious defenses form as self-protective measures, and some are much more adverse than others.

Nobody wants an excessively stubborn employee, business partner, friend, or romantic partner. Consistently unreasonable behavior and the inability or outright refusal to adapt or comply can ruin a partnership.

However, a degree of stubbornness, along with positive instead of negative personality traits can be very advantageous; determination and persistence are some of the more desirable personality traits related to stubbornness.

All of the above-mentioned personality characteristics (negative and positive) are readily assessed through handwriting analysis.

Handwriting analysis is one of the most reliable and objective methods of ascertaining true personality, including the amount of stubbornness, and helps you to considerably reduce your business and personal related risk.

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