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2013 Astrology Bar Graph: Retrogrades, Eclipses, and Select Transits

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The Bad News

Sporadic astrological occurrences like retrogrades, eclipses, and transits comprise only a very small part of a thorough system of checks and balances.

A thorough system is necessary to achieve consistently high accuracy rates involving personality analysis and prediction of personal fate.

In order to establish a thorough system—and you won’t find one in any available software program–you must commit to learning the languages of fate (astrology and numerology), which are as complex as any foreign language.

In other words, the astrology you’ve been exposed to, including the basic phenomena in the bar graph included in this article, is all but negligible relative to the collective energy of hundreds of cyclical timing factors (most of which are uninterrupted and non-sporadic) and personal indicators used in comprehensive astrology (and numerology), as with my personal systems of analysis.

Universal trends, such as retrogrades, eclipses, and transits, are always general trends, unlike the patterns in an individual’s comprehensive charts, which acutely symbolize personal fate and personality.

The Good News

By tracking the astrological happenings in the bar graph below, you can still get a sense of the cyclical nature of life, and even gain enough insight to help mitigate some of the challenges in your own life. on image above to enlarge)

Please see last year’s (2012) bar graph and important, related information here.

Please see this article for information about basic astrology factors, such as those included in the above bar graph.

Please see this article for information about Mercury retrograde.

Please see this article for information about eclipses.

Although the exact same significance of any given universal phenomenon (e.g., lunar eclipse, Mars in detriment, Saturn retrograde, etc.) doesn’t apply to everyone, the key is to understand how each universal happening intermingles with your personal configurations.

Being alert to the collective symbolism in your personal charts, and to some degree being mindful of universal occurrences, allows you to limit personal and business related risk.

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One Response to “2013 Astrology Bar Graph: Retrogrades, Eclipses, and Select Transits”

  1. Kathryn Says:

    LOVE IT!
    I am a visual person and this is VERY useful to me. Paragraphs are useful too but this type of tool goes so much further, faster and with more meaning to my archetypal comprehension. Have you made an App yet? You know I would buy it. How about a Pod cast? You know I would follow you. My husband and I still grateful for our reading before getting married. You’re brilliant.
    Love & Light, Kathryn

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