Personality, Compatibility, and Personal Timing Are Measurable With Comprehensive Handwriting Analysis, Astrology, and Numerology

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Sex Specifics Revealed Through Handwriting Analysis

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Handwriting analysis is one of the most accurate and objective forms of personality analysis and reveals a lot about human sexuality.

Although a “this (one single handwriting factor) equals that (a distinctive personality trait)” approach doesn’t yield decent accuracy rates, a comprehensive approach does.

Multiple handwriting analysis indicators, all corroborating the same conclusion, must be present to accurately symbolize any given personality attribute or condition.

Ten things handwriting analysis can tell you about sex and relationships:

  1. Overall level of sensuality.
  2. Whether or not the person possesses an inner rigidity that interferes with or even blocks healthy sexual expression.
  3. Whether or not a person has difficulty relating intimately in a relationship.
  4. Likelihood of a person having endured early life sexual abuse.
  5. Level of interest in sex, from indifference to sex addiction.
  6. Whether or not a person is sexually frustrated.
  7. Whether or not a person’s sexual urges are satisfied.
  8. Whether or not a person has abnormal or exaggerated views about sex.
  9. Sexual repression–whether or not a person sublimates their sexual energy into other areas of life and lacks an appropriate outlet for it.
  10. How much a person fantasizes about sex.

Much more can be discerned about personality, sex, and relationships through handwriting analysis, giving you invaluable insight.

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