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Q & A: “Can People Read the Future?”

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I’ve heard the question asked many times, phrased one way or another, “Can you read the future?”

The question needs to be more specific. The most obvious answer to such a broad question is, “No, of course you can’t know everything about the future.”

Nobody can tell you exactly what’s going to happen, and when, regarding every geopolitical occurrence, natural disaster, and medical and technology breakthrough, for example.

However, the more background information you have about such mundane, non-personal circumstances, the easier it is to offer estimates, obviously.

Personal Futures are Readable

Warning: the following content is not politically correct, pull-the-wool-over-your-eyes New Age inspiration, though this information can help you enormously on your spiritual path.

I’m well aware of the likelihood that you won’t get on the best-seller lists by pointing out the hard, cold realities of life, but you will eventually be grateful for this insight.

Everyone seems to have an opinion about predestination, but the only way a person can offer an educated viewpoint about the topic is through the following:

1.    Long-term, objective observation of the circumstances in the lives of many people.

2.    Simultaneous personality and predictive work, utilizing reliable methods, such as the ancient sciences of numerology and astrology (or tarot, or pure intuitive predictive work, etc.).

My (and Stephen Petullo’s) long-term findings indicate that at least 75% of the key circumstances and events—rewarding and challenging–in everyone’s life are predetermined.

Once you witness, as I have, the relentless recurrence of patterns in the comprehensive numerology and astrology charts completely corresponding to events and circumstances in people’s lives, you will stop rejecting the concept of personal fate (otherwise known as destiny or predestination). More information here.

See this article for more information about today’s superficial astrology vs. ancient astrology and which studies (none) prove numerology and astrology invalid.

I don’t believe in the astrology you’ve been exposed to either.

It’s always amusing to hear people say, “My fate isn’t predetermined.” When asked about when they will “manifest,” as “master of (their) destiny,” the “unlimited possibilities” they allude to, they say it’s a work in progress. Yet twenty years later their lives haven’t changed much, other than the additional debt incurred from their addiction to inspirational books, seminars, and retreats.

They don’t really talk about what they’ve “created” that is so unusual, and if they do it’s something that is foreseeable (the general form of it) in the comprehensive charts, which indicates to me that it’s part of their fate anyway.

Then there are those who say they’re familiar with their destiny, but they can change it. But what they see as different from their fate really wasn’t outside of their personal predestination. They simply misinterpreted their fate from the beginning.

Also, my findings (and Stephen Petullo’s findings) clearly indicate that your destiny isn’t changed by the way you respond to any given circumstance; personal fate is measurable, no matter how you respond—that response is part of your fated path.

Those who say, “Fate is not written in stone,” haven’t bothered to progress beyond preliminaries in authentic comprehensive charting, or because they want an easy out when their prediction doesn’t manifest. It’s like gazing at the night sky and saying, “It’s not possible to predict where a constellation will be in the sky at this time of night, relative to this location, 5 months from now.” (It is.)

Regarding predicting the future and self-fulfilling prophesy, see this article.

The legitimacy of authentic astrology is realized through informally observing the life events and circumstances of other people without telling them, in conjunction with paying attention to their personal natal and cyclical timing charts. In this way, ‘self-fulfilling prophesy’ isn’t applicable.”

An aside, saying that a person who does predictive work, “doesn’t trust the universe,” is like saying the employees of the California Geological Survey in their earthquake preparedness and safety work, “don’t trust mother nature.” Stuff happens in real life. No matter how much you trust the universe there will be many times in your life that you have no control over what happens, but you can make the most of it if you are prepared.

By the way, this outlook doesn’t promote a negligent or passive disposition toward life. Aside from accepting what you can’t change in life, I always recommend striving for self-knowledge and assertively going after your goals; doing so is part of your fate.

The Benefits of Knowing Yourself and Your Future

1.    The esoteric sciences like comprehensive astrology and numerology, along with handwriting analysis (and hypnosis, tarot, etc.), allow you to deepen your self-knowledge. You gain a greater awareness of your strengths and challenges, which can help you set the most appropriate, realistic goals in life.

2.    Self-awareness assists in spiritual growth; self-actualization is the ultimate goal.

3.    You can plan for the future, capitalizing on the rewarding times, and mitigating the bitterness of the rough patches in life.

4.    Life becomes so much more meaningful once you recognize that order exists in this universe, and life isn’t random.

5.    You get to see fate in action, which gives you an authentic sense of control of your life, even while you can’t control fated circumstances, because you recognize the legitimacy of the concept of what goes around comes around.

Various forms of unique, unavoidable personal adversity exist and they always dump an ice-cold bucket of reality on the “anything is possible” belief.

I love inspiration too, such as the inspiration I derive from music, mainly because it’s instrumental in goal-achievement. But it’s important that your inspiration is grounded in reality. Otherwise, it’s an unhealthy escape where you end up being smacked in the head with life’s actualities once the “anything is possible” delusion fades.

“Accidents of birth” don’t exist. That’s a poor-me, victim mentality and, or just resentment of those born under more favorable life conditions. On a deeper, spiritual level, it’s a denial of personal accountability involving what your soul (not your current personality) chose for this lifetime. Things aren’t random in this universe, nor are the conditions of your life. This philosophy isn’t about abandoning human compassion. Instead, it allows you to generate more of it, knowing that every single person on this planet is of the same spirit, and worthy of your empathy and unconditional love.

You have free will to make the most of your life, within the unavoidable framework called personal fate. You can’t just delete the tough parts in life, but your perspective can make all the difference in the world.

Copyright © 2012 Scott Petullo

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2 Responses to “Q & A: “Can People Read the Future?””

  1. Marie Says:

    I have been following different astrological sites for almost ten years, nothing serious, merely the kind written for entertainment. It is really interesting to watch other people’s outcomes, as you mention, they are almost always more accurate than my own. My fate seems to be what I make of it. I do the things I feel I am meant to do, and let the rest go. I feel I am working towards, helping to create the future. It isn’t so much a question of control as it is of acknowledging and using circumstances to forward myself while keeping congruent goals in mind. I am my destiny, there’s no division between my actions and outer events in my story. We are a part of each other, inextricably intertwined, me and my fate. Yay!

  2. Scott Petullo Says:

    Thanks for your feedback, Marie.

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