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Why it’s Impossible to Replicate Someone’s Handwriting

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You may be able to partially imitate someone’s handwriting for a word or two, like with an attempted forged signature, but it’s a lot more difficult than it seems.

The more extensive the handwriting sample, the more difficult imitation becomes, for these two reasons:

  1. You must first suspend your own unique handwriting patterns, which are the result of your subconscious mind, with its distinctive set of psychological fears and defenses, manifesting through your handwriting. As you learned to write, you first learned how to form letters, then words, then sentences, at which point you could write without thinking about how to write (known as graphic maturity). Attempting to suddenly break free of the way you naturally write can really upset your unconscious mind and cause excessive stress and anxiety, as outlined in this article.
  2. To imitate another person’s script, it involves much more than just how it may appear to someone new to graphology. Precisely duplicating more than 300 indicators such as rhythm, spacing, pressure, slant, compression and expansion, zonal balance, speed, and others, all at the same time, just isn’t achievable. You would have a much easier time emulating how another person talks.

Select individuals, such as artists, may appear to be able to significantly alter their script, like they possess two or more different forms of handwriting. However, though two different forms of handwriting by the same person may appear different on the surface, it’s very likely the two forms have a lot in common, including those factors I list above (rhythm, pressure, etc.) and more.

My handwriting sample forms include the following directions: “The writing sample should be done in your normal writing style while you are comfortably seated at a table or desk. If you habitually print, then please also include a paragraph of cursive writing. If you normally have several styles of writing, you may also include samples of each.”

A job applicant, for example, couldn’t attempt to significantly alter his or her script without the risk of raising problematic personality red flags; affectation and bluff are straightforwardly identified through handwriting analysis.

Handwriting analysis is one of the most objective and non-discriminatory forms of personality analysis and the results can’t be manipulated, helping you to limit your risk considerably.

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