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The Horoscope Trap

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In your thirst for spiritual guidance you fall into the bad habit of following on-line, magazine, or newspaper horoscopes.

While you fool yourself into thinking the prose is going to give you some magical insight to help you reach your goals, your gut tells you that every single horoscope could apply to anyone if they suspend their sense of discernment and critical analysis.

You’re Not Alone if You’ve Fallen For it

Many people have become ensnared in the trap of wasting precious time following New Age, fortune cookie poetry, otherwise known as horoscopes. All horoscopes—those based on Sun signs, Moon signs, transits, numerology, and others—will tell you little of value.

Authentic horoscopic astrology includes the Ascendant (Rising sign), the degree of the rising Eastern horizon at the basic chart’s inception, and house divisions; the term “horoscope” in today’s astrology is a misnomer.

Very similar to horoscopes, rotting in the dark, dirty, dungeon level of the 100-floor skyscraper of delineation and prediction, are the learn-all-the-secrets-of-your-birthday astrology and numerology books.

Whereas you’re up a creek without a paddle relying on horoscopes, those New Age guidebooks are akin to having a toothpick of a paddle, and that creek isn’t any more welcoming.

The Real Reasons to be Wary of Horoscopes

Universal factors, such as a Pluto, Neptune, Jupiter, Saturn, or Moon transit, or a retrograde or eclipse, are surface indicators, as are modern numerology factors like the Universal Year and Month, and the Personal Year and Month.

The typical horoscope weighs the relationship between such indicators and your Sun sign (otherwise known as your Star sign) through Ptolemaic aspects (e.g., oppositions, squares, conjunctions, etc.), which amounts to less than 1% of the collective body of factors to consider in comprehensive charting. It’s not even the tip of the iceberg.

It goes without saying that a horoscope intended for a huge segment of the world’s population, everyone born between April 21st and May 21st, for example, is too generalized.

Unfortunately, you’ll also see generalized proclamations like this, applying to everyone: “Look out for risky love connections during the month of June!” or “August 25th is the luckiest day of the year!”

Worldwide, roughly 1300 murders occur every single day. Surely, the families of the August 25th homicide victims will disagree with that day being “the luckiest day of the year.”

It’s no wonder astrology is viewed as a “pseudo science,” considering the “astrology” people have been exposed to on-line and elsewhere.

Self-fulfilling prophesy through the proxy of self-deception is fairly common and it’s not limited to spirituality and divination.

However, if something is predestined to happen in your life, rewarding or challenging, my findings tell me it will happen no matter what; key life circumstances and events are plainly symbolized in the comprehensive charts.

How to Escape From the Horoscope Trap

The first step to get out of the horoscope habit is to acknowledge that no matter how famous and celebrated the horoscope author is, today’s horoscopes are for entertainment purposes only.

Prediction with astrology and numerology isn’t like forecasting the weather; there’s no universal configuration that equally applies to everyone. The patterns in each person’s comprehensive charts are unique, based on their full birth data. Universal factors, such as those listed above relate to each individual differently. You can, however, gain a sense of the cyclical nature of life by tracking some basic factors. More information here.

Genuine, usable guidance based on astrology and numerology is derived from comprehensive charting, beyond the typical modern astrology transits and progressions (like from report-generating software) and is based on your full birth data: full date of birth, legal birth name, location, and exact time of birth.

There is no “this (one single, or a handful of factors) means that (a specific circumstance or personality trait)” in real astrology. Real astrology is pattern recognition, using hundreds of factors.

Using my proprietary systems of analysis, I routinely get essential, relevant information using just the full date of birth, or even important fragments from just the month and day of birth, but I prefer to back up such appraisals through comprehensive analysis using all birth data. Involving personality assessment, handwriting analysis is also extremely useful.

Don’t have the patience or time to learn the languages of personal fate, authentic astrology and numerology? Considering the required discipline and time it demands, as much as learning any other language, that’s to be expected.

However, there is a way to get regular spiritual guidance. Daily meditation can help you get in touch with your inner guidance and cut through the distractions of an over-active mind. Don’t have time, even 30 minutes? Yes, you do. Turn off the TV, get up earlier and, or otherwise rearrange your day to make time.

Note: I believe there exist individuals (e.g., Stephen Petullo) who innately possess potent intuitive ability that allows them to achieve consistently high levels of predictive accuracy while using only very basic astrological and numerological factors as touchstones. But these people are rare, and if they’re candid with you, they’ll also recommend that you avoid the horoscope trap.

Follow the advice above and you’ll never waste time on the horoscope trap again.

Copyright © 2012 Scott Petullo

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2 Responses to “The Horoscope Trap”

  1. Marie Says:

    Came here via the link in your article Q&A Can people read the future? I admit, I know horoscope stuff is balderdash, but occasionally my intuitive sensors get a message, as I can get a lesson out of anything, if I look for it. I grew up reading bible passages daily for inspiration. I find I profit as much from an online horoscope. But you’re right, it’s mostly a waste of time. Still there are worse ways to waste time. I do meditate as well. Which presumably is the true source of my progress.
    Maybe it’s time for me to break the horoscope habit? Perhaps this message was also meant for me…
    Thanks by the way. I don’t alway read your messages, but your work seems based on sound principles and you’re not afraid to call things as you see them, which is admirable. As you say, I like most am not up to the rigours of investigating the comprehensive guidance offered by real astrology. But I find my guidance everywhere, even in trivial stuff like those horoscopes. Most of all, I trust my own heart and soul to guide me. This has always proven true.
    I guess what I’m saying is I agree with you. As if you need to hear it…

  2. Scott Petullo Says:

    Thanks for your comment, Marie.

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