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Discretion and Dependability–How to Identify Before It’s Too Late

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Ascertaining a person’s discretion and dependability, whether it’s for business or personal reasons, is vital to avoid exposing yourself to excessive risk.

As the saying goes, loose lips sink ships. Getting involved with untrustworthy and unreliable people can seriously harm your financial health, and can even be fatal in some cases.

But how do you find out if someone is truly reliable and can keep his or her mouth shut when appropriate?

Multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank self-test personality assessments can sometimes be helpful, but they can also be manipulated, so that option isn’t viable. A good psychologist can discern discretion and dependability, although it may not be appropriate to ask your potential business partner, for example, to endure hours with a psychologist. A reputable security investigations firm could produce really good results if the subject isn’t a master at avoiding detection, but it can be excessively expensive ($7500 and up, per subject).

Handwriting analysis is one of the most accurate, objective, and non-discriminatory forms of personality analysis, and it correctly outlines discretion and dependability. A brief sample of the subject’s script, such as a few paragraphs in a written note, is the only requirement.

Under stress the persona melts away and the true personality emerges. The authentic personality, the subconscious self, is effectively examined through handwriting analysis and it can alert you to just how reliable and discreet that person is before you expose yourself to extreme risk.

Reduce your risk of wasted time, financial loss, and squandered opportunities through my invaluable assessments.

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