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Supermoon and Beware, Two Eclipses, May-June 2012

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Overview: Be a little more mindful of your actions and pay attention to the circumstances that develop in your life leading up to and around the dates May 20th and June 4th 2012.

Universal cycles (eclipses, retrogrades, cycles of the Moon, et al.), by themselves, aren’t exceedingly potent and the energy must be corroborated to have meaningful symbolic impact.

Any single eclipse, for instance, may represent (with supporting factors) major life circumstances for one person, and for another person it may have little to no significance. Supplementary patterns in your natal and timing comprehensive charts must be identified; the exclusive symbolism of these configurations related to your life’s happenings prevails over universal cycles.

Still, it’s a good idea to take note of such cosmic events, and how they associate with your natal and timing charts. In doing so, you’re able to witness the cyclical nature of life, and even avoid some of life’s difficulties.

The legitimacy of this advice is realized through informally observing the actions and life circumstances of others without telling them you are doing it, in conjunction with paying attention to intermittent cosmic events (or better yet, their personal cyclical timing charts), like the ones mentioned in this article. In this way, “self-fulfilling prophesy” isn’t applicable.

Supermoons (or “Lunar Perigee”) aren’t directly related to eclipses; it occurs when the Moon’s orbit is closest to the Earth. It’s usually is a non event, but this particular Supermoon/Full Moon in the sign of Scorpio represents a disadvantaged, distorted Moon energy (Moon is in detriment, “Fall” in the sign of Scorpio, opposite of exalted Moon in Taurus), so I recommend paying a little more attention to it.

On the evening of May 5th, 2012 (PDT) the Full Moon may appear larger than normal due to its orbit being closer to Earth than usual. Details about this Full Moon/Supermoon: Exact by degree, 5-5-2012 8:35 p.m. PDT, 16 degrees 01 minutes Scorpio.

Again, such universal events as eclipses don’t have the same exact significance for everyone, but there exist some consistencies to watch for.

This blog post and this blog post address the phenomenon of solar and lunar eclipses.

Solar and lunar eclipses May 2012–June 2012 details:

1. Solar eclipse/New Moon exact by degree 5-20-2012 4:47 p.m. PDT 00 degrees 20 minutes Gemini.

2. Lunar eclipse/Full Moon exact by degree 6-4-2012 4:11 a.m. PDT 14 degrees 13 minutes Sagittarius.

Three things to keep in mind about eclipses:

1. The two to three weeks leading up to an eclipse, and particularly the few days before and after, characteristically include a strange, skewed, overblown concentration of energy fostering scattered focus and illogical behavior, including emotional flare-ups (more so during lunar eclipses).

2. Discernment is obscured and confusion abounds. Be vigilant with any legal matters such as contracts, or high-risk undertakings.

3. Keep your guard up for the unexpected.

More information about eclipses and other universal astrology factors here.

Increasing your attentiveness of such cosmic events and what they mean to you allows you to capitalize on the rewarding occurrences in your life and minimize your overall risk.

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