Personality, Compatibility, and Personal Timing Are Measurable With Comprehensive Handwriting Analysis, Astrology, and Numerology

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Business and Personal: Identifying Acceptable Risk vs. Dangerous Risk

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Prudent risk-taking in business and your personal life is a major component of success.

Taking a chance is far less risky if you’re well informed. Below I list five examples of how you can identify, through handwriting analysis and comprehensive astrology and numerology, whether an opportunity is right for you or if it’s likely to be problematic.

  1. You’re tempted to accept an offer involving a business partnership, but you don’t know the person very well. Is he reliable and what are his true motivations?
  2. You formulate what you believe is a fantastic business plan and you’re considering a specific launch date. The approximate time you thought of the original idea, when you plan to launch, and your collective timing speaks volumes about its success. Will this be a great success, a learning experience, or even a disaster?
  3. You’ve met what you believe to be the romantic interest of your dreams. The approximate time and date you met, the compatibility discerned between you, along with your overall timing will tell the truth of the matter: great reward, terrible connection cloaked in illusion, or somewhere in the middle?
  4. A valuable employee is up for a promotion, but are the new responsibilities you have in mind for them appropriate? Failure could really harm this person’s career, not to mention the company.
  5. Confidentiality is extremely important to you. You’re considering three different new associates and they all have appropriate abilities and backgrounds. Which one of them can be trusted the most? Are there any major professional compatibility red flags between you and any of the three candidates?

Exposing unsafe risks through handwriting analysis and comprehensive astrology and numerology gives you a huge advantage, increasing your peace of mind and level of success.

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