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5 Ways to Get to Know Someone’s Character

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Everyone has his or her own unique strengths and weaknesses, and there will always be people who are a serious threat to your security.

The way to discern which individuals will benefit you greatly and which are fated to be a challenge is to get to know them well. As the saying goes, people don’t change, you just get to know them better.

Here are five ways to get to know someone’s personality:

  1. Time. The longer you spend getting to know someone, the better you’ll know him or her. However, time is a luxury and there could be great risks allocating a long period of time for someone only to find out that they are a hazard to your livelihood and life in general.
  2. Stress. Under pressure a person drops their persona, and the real character is revealed; a person who appears to be a great leader, for example, turns out to be a domineering dictator under stress. The problem here is that many people are very good at maintaining the façade until it’s too late. You might spend months or even years being under the illusion that a person is good for you until you find out the scary truth.
  3. Sex. Intimacy is a sure way to know someone very well. However, since most people don’t have sex with their staff or coworkers, or those with whom they do business, sex is only useful for getting to know someone’s character in select situations. Even in your personal life, it may be too late by the time you’re intimate with the person you thought was exceptional.
  4. Security investigations are a very good way to get to know someone, but you must be willing to pay at least $2000 and commonly $7500 and up for good intelligence on an individual. The other issue with this option is that the person can appear to be completely “clean,” with no tarnished image, record or criminal history, but could simply be a genius at avoiding detection.
  5. Handwriting analysis and comprehensive astrology and numerology can help you make enormous headway in effectively outlining a person’s authentic character. All you need is the person’s birth data and a reasonable sample of his or her script (e.g., a brief handwritten letter).

Uncovering perilous risks through handwriting analysis and comprehensive astrology and numerology is extremely cost effective and gives you a substantial edge in goal attainment.

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