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Update: Eclipses, Mercury Retrograde & Stock Market Panic

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November 7th, 2011 I published a blog post regarding stronger than average challenging universal energy for most of November 2011, through Mid December 2011.

In that blog post I stated the following:

“Within 24 hours of each other, Mercury turns retrograde and a solar eclipse occurs, on 11-23-2011 and 11-24-2011, respectively. There is also a lunar eclipse on 12-10-2011.”

“While such universal events don’t have the same exact meaning and emblematic impact for everyone, there exist some common conditions to be aware of.”

“…Mercury represents…acuity, business transactions, …miscommunications are hallmarks of Mercury retrograde.”

“(regarding eclipses)…inexplicably magnified intensity—watch out for emotional outbursts, unusually irrational behavior, and scattered focus, particularly during lunar eclipses…Perception is hazy. Be extra careful with any legal contracts or high-risk ventures.”

A window of about 72 hours surrounding the exact date of each phenomenon mentioned above (aside from the related phases of each) serves as the general peak of the tricky energy.

Panic in the World’s Financial Markets

Skewed perception, amplified unease, and acutely intense anxiety are the representative forces of a heavily afflicted Mercury combined with this eclipse.

One place where such apprehension is pronounced, or at least more obvious, is in the world’s financial markets, as they tend to reflect humanity’s collective emotional pulse on a scale from outright fear to sheer exhilaration.

On 12-2-2011, Jim Cramer of Real Money wrote, “A week ago (11-25-2011), everyone really gave up hope. The perceptions (emphasis mine) were that all of the major European banks were insolvent, the U.S. economy was hurting badly, the sovereign bonds were all suckers’ plays and China was doing nothing to help and everything to hurt us. That was one week ago. One week ago! Now look at things (emphasis mine). The European banks may have been and may be insolvent, but their borrowing costs, in dollars, were lowered dramatically and, although no one is arguing this point, the funding is not going away any time soon…Secondly, did anyone think that Black Friday was going to be huge? And it was huge, regardless of whether things were for sale or not it was gigantic, the biggest in years. Given the unemployment situation in this country, it should have been a bust. Given the gloom in this country, it should have been a bust. It was anything but a bust. It was a home run…Have you seen the Spanish bonds this week? They have had the largest move up of any sovereign bonds in the 12-year history of the euro. They declined 100 basis points in yield. You read that right. One hundred basis points. You lever that up and you had a year-maker…The timing, given the nine-week draw down of copper, a terrific indicator, and you read that right, a vastly depleted copper inventory, was spectacular. It has produced a moment where you could drag up the transports here, heavily laden with China related business, allowing the transports to lead us. They are right at resistance.  Put it all together and what do you get? How about the first time in years that hope actually was a strategy. The people who did best here are the people who believed that the world would not endRemarkable. One week. But perhaps the most important week of the year, the first joyous week, the first light at the end of the tunnel that, at last, was not an oncoming train (emphasis mine).” Access the full article here.

Beyond the Worst of the Mercury Retrograde 12-4-2011

As of 12-4-2011, we’re beyond the most challenging retrograde energy and we’re now in the second half of the actual retrograde, which lasts until about 12-13-2011.

Although Mercury is further hampered now beyond retrograde, in detriment (in the sign of Sagittarius) for example, and its ruler, Jupiter is in retrograde until 12-25-2011, the time is still ripe for new solutions to existing problems. In the very least, more progress involving the European financial crisis is expected.

Eclipse Trouble Ahead 12-10-2011

However, additional, impulsive, baseless panic is to be expected during the upcoming lunar eclipse and Full Moon on 12-10-2011 (6:36 a.m. PST 18 degrees 10 minutes Gemini). Expect the problematic energy to peak in the approximate 72 hours surrounding the exact time of this phenomenon.

Keep the Financial Doomsday Crowd in Perspective

Although those who shout from the rooftops about the coming “complete collapse of the entire financial system and American way of life” may mean well and truly want you to be financially protected if such a thing were to happen, you must remember that most of these people have a lot to gain in the event of stock market crashes: during major financial market declines, they make big money through inverse investments, so they do everything they can to scare the market down.

Reason for Optimism

Despite the constant barrage of bad news from the media, I believe the U.S. economy will successfully overcome its debt through economic growth and that America will continue to prosper for at least another 200 years. In twenty years America will still be the world’s number one super-power, much to the disappointment of America’s enemies, including those within its borders. I also believe that the European financial crisis isn’t the end-game for Europe and their fabulous cultures, at all.What we are seeing now in the early years of this century/millennium is merely an adjustment to a universal numerological energy shift with a greater than average magnitude, not the end of the world.

Keep your cool and know that challenging times never last forever and that clearer skies are ahead.

Universal astrological and numerological factors, especially afflictions (the rough periods), routinely reflect the rhythm and cyclical nature of life and they can be identified well in advance. Does the same exact thing happen under each phenomenon, and do they mean the same thing to everyone? No, but there are distinct, general themes that show up time and time again and if you’re aware of them, you can gain a huge advantage.

An awareness of select, periodic universal energy, and especially the representative energy in your unique comprehensive charts allows you to capitalize on the positive circumstances in your life, and reduce your exposure to risk.

Copyright © 2011 Scott Petullo

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