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Libra and Capricorn – Personality Similarities and Differences

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The title of this article is likely to be misinterpreted due to the fact that Sun sign astrology is regularly mistaken for authentic astrology.

Sun sign astrology, an unfortunate development of modern astrology, is just what it sounds like: being born while the Sun is in (i.e., transiting) the sign of Libra, for example (approximately 9-21 to 10-21 each year), makes you “a Libra.” Being born while the Sun is in the sign of Capricorn, for example (approximately 12-21 to 1-21 each year), makes you “a Capricorn.”

Regrettably, Sun sign astrology is very limiting and will tell you virtually nothing about the actual personality or compatibility. Authentic astrology includes hundreds of factors besides the Sun sign.

The signs of Libra and Capricorn are similar in that they are both cardinal signs (vs. mutable or fixed). Venus and Saturn rule Libra, and Saturn and Mars rule Capricorn. However, Libra is an air sign and Capricorn is an earth sign. Also, the signs of Libra and Capricorn square each other, a Ptolemaic hard aspect. In other words, the signs of Libra and Capricorn naturally include challenge and tension; they aren’t inherently harmonious.

You didn’t really expect me to say that every person with a Libra Sun sign (about 8.33% of the population) is very socially inclined, takes a balanced approach toward interpersonal relationships, and is annoyingly evasive, did you?

Likewise, you didn’t really expect me to say that every person with a Capricorn Sun sign (about 8.33% of the population) is very pragmatic, calculating, and cold-hearted, did you?

Nor did you expect me to say that every person with a Libra Sun sign will have the same exact level of compatibility with every person with a Capricorn Sun sign, did you?

Select ten random people who have a Libra Sun sign and match them with ten random people who have a Capricorn Sun sign and it’s entirely possible that none of them will get along with each other. It’s also entirely possible that all of them will get along. Again, Sun signs by themselves are almost meaningless; it’s a trivial departure from true astrology.

Emphasizing Sun signs, Moon signs, Ascendants (Rising sign), or any other individual attribute without considering the rest of the charts’ contents and patterns within those charts, will only give you surface insight.

Instead, a comprehensive approach with astrology yields infinitely higher accuracy rates, giving you an edge in life and helping to reduce your risk.

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One Response to “Libra and Capricorn – Personality Similarities and Differences”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Early last month I stayed with a friend until my husband arrived from our travels in Mexico. I am a Pisces, Libra Rising, and she is an Aries, Capricorn Rising. After about two days, I no longer felt welcome (nor was I). I most certainly paid my way, but by the end of my visit, our friendship of almost nine-years seemed/seems to be over. Although disabled, and in pain, I did what I could to help with the chores — but nothing I said or did, helped her mood. Her cruelty was unnecessary and undeniable, and she seemed to me to be afraid of just about everything. EX: She would not taste pastrami, because it “looked” rare(!?) I also cannot help but wonder if my knowledge of astrology played a part in the rift. . .I believe it did, although I have done quite a lot of astrological work for her and her family. Since astrologers are chosen, I cannot help that part of me which is an ASTROLOGER, (as you already know). And as a metaphysician, I realize that whenever any relationship “dies” there are always at least two sets of fingerprints on the murder weapon. Still, upon analysis and reflection, I cannot help but wonder what exactly went “wrong” and what I might be able to learn from this experience. I am grateful, however, in so many ways — since she will always be one of MY greatest teachers. For your files: Name: Rose Marie Sheehan/Briney. Birth data: April 19, 1948, Butte, Montana.

    Love and Light, Kathy

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