Personality, Compatibility, and Personal Timing Are Measurable With Comprehensive Handwriting Analysis, Astrology, and Numerology

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Astrology & Numerology: Importance of When You First Meet

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“First meeting chart” involves the assessment of the basic horary astrology chart of the time when you first make a new acquaintance.

While I do find value in this particular astrological approach, although comprehensive instead of basic, my view is that much more must be taken into account, such as these concerns:

  1. Thoroughly consider each person’s comprehensive natal configurations involving ancient astrology and numerology, and modern astrology and numerology. These charts form the foundation of personal fate—rewards, challenges, limits, trials, lessons, and much more.
  2. Thoroughly consider each person’s comprehensive timing configurations involving ancient astrology and numerology, and modern astrology and numerology. If the specific circumstance (rewarding or challenging) is symbolized in the natal charts and also harmonizes with the timing charts, it’s assured, though the timing by itself doesn’t promise enough.
  3. A thorough appraisal of subconscious character is recommended. My opinion is that handwriting analysis is one of the most objective and accurate forms of personality assessment–especially subconscious personality, the authentic self. Unfortunately, it’s all too common to have agreeable compatibility throughout the natal and timing charts, but then have one or both people possess unique personality challenges that seriously thwart the success of the union.
  4. It’s very possible for a connection between two people to be based primarily on timing, such as shared negative or positive collective timing, instead of (more lasting) natal configurations. When the timing changes, the bond fades.

Although the first meeting comprehensive charts are a distant second to the above matters, it’s still recommended to methodically weigh the related strengths and afflictions. Take note of the universal timing surrounding the first meeting as it relates to each person’s comprehensive natal and timing charts. Following the advice above, you’ll gain tremendous insight about yourself and others, and you’ll reduce your risk substantially.

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