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Three Things Forever Blocking Your Billionaire Status

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The most sought after form of success very well may be financial. However, my findings show that only select individuals are meant to become super-rich.

These three things prevent most people from raking in their first billion:

1. Failing to provide enough value to warrant earning at least a billion dollars in after-tax profit. Mimicking the behavior of extremely successful people can only take you so far. For example, if you’re only offering inspiration like thousands of others, and you offer nothing of value outside of that copiously available commodity, structuring your life around success principles of billionaires won’t make any difference–you won’t become one.

2. Personal timing, as symbolized by the unique patterns in comprehensive astrology and numerology. If your distinctive, collective timing isn’t conducive to colossal affluence, it won’t happen.

3. Personal fate. Good timing alone isn’t enough; you must first have the advantageous conditions promised in your natal charts.

My view is that “luck” is essentially two things: your key life circumstances, situations, and events (i.e., fate) symbolized by comprehensive astrology and numerology timing and natal configurations; and what you make of your life (also largely fated) within those predetermined confines.

Equality of opportunity in society is necessary to allow each person to work toward his or her aspirations in this lifetime. “Equality of outcome,” however, is a toxic, discriminatory political philosophy that ultimately generates negative karma for those promoting such policies.

It’s wise to keep in mind the role of personal predestination and karma and to avoid a class warfare mindset and rhetoric such as this: “Well, the same exact opportunity (as a billionaire had, such as being in the right place at the right time) wasn’t provided to others, so it’s not fair.”

As long as that billionaire didn’t thieve his or her way to success, it’s perfectly fair. Life is as fair as your personal karma is rewarding. The “lucky breaks” that immensely financially successful people experience on their path to riches are justified by spiritual design, as I’ve found through long-term empirical research. Additionally, envy and resentment, instead of admiration, only undermines your personal prosperity.

Just as duplicating the habits of highly successful people will only take you so far, it’s impossible to imitate personal fate. Certainly, strive to get ahead and make the most of your life at every opportunity, yet it helps to acknowledge the mystical part of life for peace of mind.

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