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Numerology and Astrology Q & A: Which Studies Prove Them Invalid?

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“I want to know what research proves that astrology and numerology are invalid. What studies disproved astrology and numerology? I can find no specific proof that astrology and numerology are invalid. If they are invalid, who disproved them – how did they disprove them – when and where were they disproved? If people are willing to say astrology and numerology are invalid, on what studies do they base their answer? Please do not send a philosophical answer. I want to know specifically what research invalidates astrology and numerology.”

In order for money to be available to fund research in accredited institutions, a donor has to make a contribution. Most benefactors dictate what the funds are used for. At this time, it is unlikely a benefactor will designate funds toward research involving astrology or numerology because these are not areas of focus that are thought to, for example, help to cure disease or advance technology.

Although the science authorities commonly reject the esoteric sciences of astrology and numerology as “pseudo-sciences,” it’s ironic because cherished, traditional scientific ideals are often refuted. The history of science is full of widely held notions trounced by over-looked data or new discoveries.

I present my findings (e.g., predetermination involving personal adversity) with numerology and astrology as theories. Hypothesis or theory can’t be proven, it can only be invalidated. Numerology and astrology have yet to be shown scientifically invalid.

In order to accomplish this, two things are necessary:
1. Long-term, objective observation of the circumstances in the lives of many people.
2. Extensive personality and predictive work involving these ancient sciences.

Until then, skeptics are denying a more than 2000-year esoteric tradition involving the prediction of life circumstances through numerology and astrology. It’s important to note that the Age of Reason (17th and 18th centuries AD) forever altered (i.e., distorted) the meaning of science. Science is and always has been based on observation. Research involving empirical observation, presenting findings as theories, is absolutely valid.

Note: Authentic astrology and numerology have nothing to do with the “horoscopes” you find in magazines and on the Internet. The “horoscopes” of today are based on only a few transits or personal indicators, or worse, mere Sun signs or other single factor, and amount to entertainment only. This severely watered down form of astrology and numerology originated around 1900 AD and is an absolute departure from the ancient traditions. Unfortunately, it sells and the masses mistake it for real astrology and numerology.

Also, the Internet is the black-hole of astrology and numerology misinformation—you’ll only really find trivial rip-offs of ancient methodologies in your searches. If that sort of nonsense is what people base their opinion of astrology and numerology on, I understand why they reject them as “pseudo-sciences.” Real astrology and numerology are languages of personal fate and as complex as any language to learn.

However trendy it is these days to reject the idea of predestination (events that are unavoidable), my research shows that fated circumstances (rewarding and challenging) are part of everyone’s life.

Since 1992 I’ve scrutinized the comprehensive numerology and astrology charts, and observed the related circumstances (past and present) of thousands of people.

Once you see, as I have, the constant repetition of numerological and astrological patterns entirely corresponding to circumstances in peoples’ lives, it is easy to stop rejecting the concept of fate and the sciences of numerology and astrology.

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