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Astrology and Numerology Prediction: Priority of Charts Matters

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In the order of importance, my findings show that the following list of astrology and numerology charting methods allow for the highest accuracy rates. This example involves a relocation of residence:

1. Your natal charts, including those of ancient astrology and numerology, and modern astrology and numerology, outlining the circumstances and events of your life.

2. Your timing charts, including those of ancient astrology and numerology, and modern astrology and numerology.

Favorable timing, by itself, won’t make anything happen; a circumstance or event must first be confirmed in the natal charts.

Irregular cycles, such as transits and progressions, are excessively, even exclusively emphasized in modern astrology. This approach is problematic because it greatly reduces the rate of accuracy.

It’s important to make use of the more valuable predictive methods of ancient astrology and numerology, such as continual 3, 7, 12, 19, and 27-year cycles, and using natal patterns to forecast.

3. Your locational charts and “relocated” charts. These serve only as background energy. Moving to another location, for example, won’t change your fate. What you may think are major life changes caused by a relocation are really changes predetermined, as symbolized in the natal and timing charts.

4. Horary charts (i.e., the time of an event) for the time you depart for a new location.

5. Horary charts for the time you arrive at a new location.

It’s important to use multiple layers of indicators so your system of checks and balances is thorough enough to maintain consistently high accuracy rates, giving you an edge and ultimately helping to reduce risk.

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