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5 Possible Ways to Understand and Outmaneuver Your Enemy

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To outsmart your rival, you need a thorough understanding of that person.

Even the most trivial detail about your adversary’s personality could be used to gain an advantage in negotiations or other competitive matters, yet most facets of character are buried deep in the unconscious, below the persona that is presented to the world. Everyone has their own distinctive weaknesses and strengths.

Five possible methods to grasp the true nature of your rival, giving you the edge necessary to prevail are listed below.

1. Contact your opponent and ask him to complete a multiple choice, fill-in-the blank self-test personality evaluation. Make sure to request that he answers the questions honestly, since self-assessments can be manipulated. Unfortunately, this option probably isn’t viable.
2. Meet with your management staff, even though they don’t know the adversary and aren’t experts in personality analysis, in an attempt to inspire ideas about the adversary’s hidden personality. Regrettably, this would most likely amount to oblivious speculation, yielding a complete lack of actionable intelligence.
3. Hire a good psychologist to analyze his character, although the psychologist would likely demand an in-person assessment, and it’s doubtful your foe will be receptive to the idea.
4. Hire a security investigations firm to dig up secret information about him and his true character, which would probably involve interviewing former associates and those who are or have been close to him (if they are willing). Although this option often produces great results, you must be willing to pay a very minimum of $2000 and frequently $7500 and up for the most competent specialists. The other concern with this option is that the subject can appear to be “clean” (no criminal history, no noticeable bad reputation, etc.), but still be a master villain and a genius at evading detection.
5. Hire a reliable expert who employs handwriting analysis and comprehensive astrology and numerology to delineate his authentic, veiled personality. All it takes is a sample of his script (e.g., a brief handwritten letter), and his birth data (full date of birth at a minimum, preferably with exact time, location, and full, legal birth name).

Please note: clinical behavioral terms (and other extreme expressions and conditions) such as “narcissistic,” “prejudiced,” “evasive,” “envious,” “paranoid,” “confrontational,” “sadistic,” “defiant,” “emotionally unbalanced,” “mental disorder,” “dejected,” “depressed,” “psychotic,” “vindictive,” “deceitful,” “domineering,” “dumb,” “psychosis,” “pathological,” “duplicitous,” “two-faced,” “hot-tempered,” “lacking in integrity,” and “dishonest” aren’t typically addressed in assessments related to potential hires (or other, similar situations) because they are unrelated to the personality qualities needed to successfully do a job.

In order to do an assessment under normal conditions within ethical boundaries, the subject first allows permission for the formal analysis. Circumstances and instances in this article are only to illustrate the usefulness of handwriting analysis and comprehensive astrology and numerology.

Extreme situations such as an innocent person’s life being at risk and, or dealing with a dangerous criminal might warrant an analysis involving the types of personality characteristics featured in this article.

The handwriting analysis, and comprehensive astrology and numerology assessment might reveal, for example, one or more of the following results, which could give you a substantial edge in how you might approach your adversary:

1. Excessive desire for acquisition of money (knowing their motivations can greatly assist you and, or alert you to potential liability, such as in personal relationships).
2. A savior complex (would “do the right thing,” excessively, to his detriment).
3. Excessive vanity, narcissism (he could be manipulated through excessive praise and admiration).
4. Excessive rationalization, self-deception, excessive fantasy oriented thinking and, or lack of objectivity (might fool himself into settling for something less than he would otherwise, might lack a solid sense of discernment, especially while under excessive stress).
5. Excessive restlessness (might abandon negotiations too soon).
6. Perfectionism and, or excessive attention to detail (could get lost in the finer points of an undertaking, missing the bigger picture).
7. Problematic emotional balance and emotional maturity (emotional problems and lapsing into a childish disposition while under pressure could easily lead to his losing focus, thus his edge).
8. Excessive resentment (inability to let go of past wrongs could trip him up, and additional perceived injustices could break his concentration, forcing him into making a mistake).
9. Excessive sensitivity to criticism and, or excessive inhibition (knowing this could allow you to force him into being distracted).
10. Excessive secretiveness and, or evasiveness (expecting a lack of transparency can help you in your tactics).
11. Excessive lack of integrity (knowing you’re dealing with someone who has great difficulty living by his asserted convictions can help prepare you for the worst).
12. Excessive dishonesty (knowing the person is insincere, a liar and, or a deceiver can save you enormous hassles).
13. Excessive conflict avoidance (he could be manipulated into taking a less strife-oriented route, giving you the ability to steer him in the direction you choose).
14. Defiance and, or stubbornness (if you know your opponent may resort to unreasonable, unyielding behavior, you can plan accordingly).
15. Excessive tendency to bluff (expecting your adversary to bluff will allow you to more easily spot it when it happens).

As calculating and cold as it may seem, sometimes you’re forced to fight fire with fire. Greatly decrease your vulnerability and exposure to risk using handwriting analysis and comprehensive astrology and numerology, allowing you a clearer path to success.

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