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Astrology Accuracy: 5 Reasons Your Astrology Isn’t Accurate

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“My question is motivated by experiencing a long and bad period of time (career wise). According to my horoscope, however, this should be the most fortunate time of my life – so I am doing something wrong and I’m wondering about astrology accuracy. Comparing to the law of attraction movement – It is only me who is attracting a bad time…How does astrology and Law of Attraction relate to each other? How much is it my own fault – and how much is it the positions of the planets that I cannot alter? Then I read a bit about Vedic astrology – that it seems possible to work with ‘bad’ times and change bad into good times. How does one do that ? Your answer is highly appreciated – this situation is not good. Thank you very much in advance.”

Sorry to hear about your current career challenges.

You say, “according to my horoscope,” but you don’t specify to what exactly you are referring.

5 Reasons Your Life Circumstances Don’t Harmonize With Your Astrology:

  1. You believe the full extent of your astrology is your “horoscope,” found on-line or in a magazine, written by a mainstream, modern-method-focused astrologer. Since they’re famous, they must offer high accuracy rates, right? Wrong. Horoscopes, based on Sun sign astrology and, or transits aren’t substitutes for authentic astrology. Entertaining and poetic, perhaps, but extremely generalized and void of any accuracy.
  2. Your astrology consists of free reports found on the Internet, or reports generated by astrology software. Unfortunately, all computer-generated astrology reports (even the expensive ones) are based on only a limited collection of astrology factors including transits, progressions, solar and lunar return charts, and other surface components. Besides the reports failing to synthesize the indicators, they are based on minor factors that should only be used to firm up an analysis derived from more comprehensive methods. Since genuine astrology is exceedingly complex, it would take programming beyond what is possible by humans, and besides, computers can’t yet reason and analyze like humans.
  3. Your astrologer only includes trivial factors (see above) in his or her analyses, missing the vast bulk of the collective energy accurately symbolizing your fate. It’s akin to an archeologist refusing to probe more than one meter below the surface, saying something like, “modern archeology is all about possibilities, not concrete particulars, and those possibilities below the surface are up to you.” A sure sign of an astrologer to be avoided is one who denies the tenets of unavoidable personal adversity and personal fate.
  4. Your astrologer does include an adequate collection of comprehensive factors in his or her systems of analysis, but you didn’t phrase your question adequately, you misinterpreted the feedback, or your concern was too complex to be covered through one session and you need to explore the issue further.
  5. Your astrologer was wrong. It happens occasionally, considering no analyst or reader is 100% accurate, all the time.

Regarding the law of attraction, the law of attraction proponents don’t take into consideration other spiritual laws, such as the law of predetermination and the law of karma. While you do have free will to make the most of your situation and also to create quite a lot within your predestined framework, our findings clearly show that you can’t cheat your personal fate.

I recommend that you download our free Direct Your Destiny e-book, which includes a lot more on the dynamics of fate and free will, and how to make the most of your life.

I believe the Sidereal zodiac, which Vedic astrology uses, is still useful, but not in a superficial sense. Please be cautious with Vedic astrology.

The only way to “change” immutable negative circumstances into positive ones is to view them differently, such as through detachment. Be wary if you’re told you can wave a magic wand, or use “cures” such as gemstones to change or manifest anything. If it sounds too good to be true, it is.

Ultimately, you can change some things about your life, but there’s a lot you can’t change. This blog post addresses what you can and can’t control in your life.

Copyright © 2011 Scott Petullo

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2 Responses to “Astrology Accuracy: 5 Reasons Your Astrology Isn’t Accurate”

  1. Sylva Says:

    I got a lot out of DirectYourDestiny. I feel that even though I am in a bad place that was forced upon me – and was also predicted by a psychic -I am making the best of my situation instead of being helter skelter. Because I am not obsessed every day on abandoning all my goods and driving into the sunset, a plan I had very mixed feeling about. I am taking pleasure in the things around me and making my environment more pleasant. But the people I have been interactng with have not changed, though I am calmer and happier and feel more in control.

  2. Scott Petullo Says:

    Thanks for your comment, Sylvia.

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