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Numerology and 11-11-11: Nothing Exceptional About the Date

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Universal shifts of greater than average numerological and, or astrological magnitude have occurred regularly since the dawn of time.

Examples of noteworthy universal changes involve the following years: 500 AD, 1000 AD, 1500 AD, 2000 AD, etc.

The transition periods, or cusps, of about 25% of the millennium, century, decade, year, etc. leading up to and directly following these points in time cover the full scope of the heightened universal changes.

An example is the phase of the years 1975 to 2025, covering the final 25% of the 20th century, and the first 25% of the 21st century. Narrowing it down further, by the decade, consider the phase of mid 1997 through mid 2002, or mid 2007 though mid 2012.

The modern universal calendar is startlingly accurate to track such changes, and each person relates to any given shift in a unique way, depending on their natal configurations.

Seven Points Related to the 11-11-11 (and 11:11) Hype

1. The number 11 does have extraordinary significance, but from a comprehensive numerological standpoint, the date, month, and year (11-11-2011 in this case), by themselves, are only a fraction of the comprehensive charts. Conceivably, there might be vastly more universal 11 energy on any given date besides 11-11-2011.

2. The time 11:11 seems to capture a lot of people’s attention. Whether or not seeing the same numbers over and over is a mere subconscious fixation or something else is debatable, as outlined in this article:

3. You can be sure that this assertion is a myth: “11-11-11 is the date when humanity will mutate from a 3rd dimensional body into a 5th dimensional light-body, just like a caterpillar to a butterfly…” (And you’ll need to attend an expensive seminar to make the transition complete, angel-wing wax sold separately.)

4. There’s an enormous difference between ancient esoteric tradition, and New Age myth, and unfortunately, the myths prevail in today’s marketplace. Escapism sells.

5. 2011 is not purely 11, from a numerological standpoint. It’s 4 (2+0+1+1=4). 11 is only a sub-factor of 2011, and the 4 dominates.

6. 11-11-2009 (2+0+0+9=11) was an authentic 11-11-11, yet nobody seemed to notice.

7. Just as a major shift won’t occur on 11-11-11, it didn’t occur on these dates, for example: 11-11-209, 11-11-308, 11-11-407, 11-11-1901, 11-11-1910, 11-11-2009. By the way, 2009 was the first 11 Universal Year since 1910. Again, single factors usually hold only slight overall symbolic impact, and each universal factor relates to everyone differently.

11-11-11 and the 2012 hysteria receive a lot of media coverage, but don’t let it get to you.

Rest assured, time marches on, and knowing about your collective personal timing allows you to reduce your risk and capitalize on the rewarding trends, making the most of your life.

Copyright © 2011 Scott Petullo

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4 Responses to “Numerology and 11-11-11: Nothing Exceptional About the Date”

  1. Eberhardt Huhn Says:

    Bravo! Not too many people have taken the time to figure (so to speak) out numerology… I stopped trying to correct people, because, as you pointed out, people often get caught up in escapism. That’s too true! A long time ago, people believed that Athena (or Minerva) was actually from from Zeus’ (or Jupiter) head! And then the public changed it’s opinion and decided that a virgin give birth to a messiah. There’s no end to imaginings…

  2. Scott Petullo Says:

    Thanks for your feedback, Eberhardt.

  3. constance demby Says:

    RE: 11 11 2011

    looks like everyone’s already getting all excited about 11-11-11
    but it’s not really 11-11-11 numerologically,
    it’s 11-11-2011
    so it’s really 11-11-4
    right? because in numerology you add ALL the numbers together. But no one wants to do that or look at that or realize that, because they all want to believe that something special will happen on these special days…
    (and has it ever? sigh!)

    so with the real numbers being 11-11-4 – it takes all the glamour and mystique out, and no one wants that, cuz they want it to be speeacial…
    oh well, I’m not going to spoil their fun…
    meanwhile, looks like it’s an 8 day instead of a 6 day …
    another sigh!

  4. Scott Petullo Says:

    Thanks for your feedback, Constance. Yes, reduced total for the date 11-11-2011 is 2033, which equals 8 (2+0+3+3=8). The 11 of 2011 is only a sub-factor. The last 11-11-11 was 11-11-2009, but like I said in the article, nobody seemed to notice.

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