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Astrology Q&A About T-Squares and “Integration” – Exposing Nonsense

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“How can I integrate a fixed t-square of a 3rd house Pluto in Leo with Mercury in Taurus (11th), and Moon in Scorpio (5th)? I have Aquarius on the 9th house cusp (which I assume is the “empty leg.”) I have traveled, love ancient history, education, meditation, etc., but still have difficulty with 2nd house issues, namely, money.”


Sorry to hear about your financial issues.

In order to save you a lot of time, although your financial concerns may be real, I must tell you that the method with which you’re delineating is insignificant.

In my experience, financial concerns would never be exclusively (not even close) reflected by the mere handful of factors you list.

I’ve found t-squares and the Ptolemaic aspects that comprise them to be only modifying agents, if that. You can’t rely on them as stand-alone factors.

It’s recommended that you move beyond modern astrology techniques and study ancient methodologies, up to about 1700 AD or so.


You can make the most of your circumstances and strive to get ahead, but you can’t always erase and formulate life conditions to your desire. Lots of events and situations in your life are fixed and, or come out of left field, and you can’t change them—you’ll have better luck trying to stop a tsunami. There are no magic wand solutions, despite what you may have been told.

Additionally, working hard and smart will only get you so far within the realm of your distinctive predestination. Such a stance has been ridiculed as “too limiting,” or “fatalistic,” but I’m simply reporting my findings.

What’s really “limiting” is the outright rejection of the theory of predestination, especially without objectively exploring it. It’s condescending to ignore the complexity of someone’s unique personal adversity, dismissively chalk up their problems to “not working smart enough (or hard enough),” and proclaim, “I’ve made lots of money and you can too.”


If, by “integration,” you’re referring to learning how to cope with it, detaching from it, or even trying to modify it to some degree, I wish you the best with that.

However, “integration” sounds like more of a concern for a therapist, not an analyst.

“Counseling” astrologers exist, but all too often I’ve found them to base their work on psychological astrology, which is not genuine astrology, in my view.

Unfortunately, modern astrology has moved too far away from authentic astrology: outlining personal predestination and character. Try as you might, you can’t cheat fate no matter how creative you get with interpretation, but you can make the most of it.

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