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Avoid the Modern Astrology Triviality Trap

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Jupiter and Venus went direct last week (11-18-2010 8:53 a.m. PST, 23 degrees 29 minutes Pisces, and 11-18-2010 1:17 p.m. PST, 27 degrees 39 minutes Libra, respectively). Jupiter had been retrograde since 7-23-2010 and Venus had been retrograde since 10-8-2010.

Retrograde is one of many possible afflictions. Both planets being dignified (Jupiter in Pisces, Venus in Libra) in the latter part of each retrograde is symbolic of these two planets exhibiting stronger than average states, so their overall conditions were not as weak as they would have been otherwise during retrograde.

As with any single universal indicator, in and of itself, retrograde is virtually a non-issue. How it relates to the other 500 natal/timing indicators your personal charts is what really matters.

If Jupiter and Venus happen to be heavy hitters in your natal charts, then these events may have had a little more symbolic importance to you.

However, despite what you might glean from the black hole of astrology misinformation (the Internet), there is never a “monumental” event symbolized by single universal indicators (or in this case two, and four counting the dignified states).

What dominates today in the astrology/numerology market is what sells: poetic-heartfelt-inspiration, misinformation, and false hope. What the trivial-focused, modern astrology adherents are really selling is a means to help you to construct your own self-fulfilling prophesies. However, if your desires don’t harmonize with your personal fate, they won’t manifest, no matter how much inspiration you generate.

Unfortunately, modern astrology’s bad habit of ascribing specific events and recommendations toward single universal indicators has proven time and again to be an erroneous, superfluous approach. There is no “this means that” in real astrology. Real astrology is pattern recognition, using 100s of factors.

Jupiter is a benefic planet, and it does represent abundance and philosophy (among other things), yet did you know that Jupiter can be, and is often hampered by other afflictions much worse than retrograde, at any given time?

So much for your “dreams coming true” after retrograde. Highlighting the folly of modern astrology methodologies is necessary to help preserve sacred ancient traditions. It isn’t “harsh,” it’s just better to offer you realism than empty promises.

Telling people they will have a renewed sense of purpose and direction in life just because Jupiter is going direct, or their love life will improve because Venus is going direct is unwise.

Let me be clear: predicting with astrology (and, or numerology) isn’t like the weather. There is no universal prediction that applies to everyone, since everyone’s charts are unique.

Everyone has their own inner astrological/numerological climate, as symbolized by comprehensive charting, and universal factors, such as retrogrades, relate to everyone differently.

“The meager temporary functioning symbolism of irregular cycles, which are heavily favored in modern astrology, is a problem in prediction. Modern astrology, unfortunately, rejects most of the more valuable predictive methods of ancient astrology and number mysticism, such as using natal patterns to forecast, making use of the cycles represented by uniquely potent natal heavenly bodies and other natal factors, and using uninterrupted cycles such as 3, 7, 12, 19, or 27-year cycles, which have proven to be of more value.

“Today it’s common to hear of someone (even a professional) erroneously linking a single universal astrological or numerological consideration to a specific happening, such as ‘There is an eclipse, so there was an argument.’ Or, ‘Venus is in Libra so people are more pleasant today.’ There’s a reason the science of astrology isn’t in very good standing today; the immeasurable amount of misinformation on the topic in circulation on the Internet and in print makes a mockery of the ancient tradition. Below are some important points to help you cut through the bull and gain more clarity about astrology and numerology…”

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