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Employment Screening: Criminal Record Convictions Increasingly Common

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According to the findings of Kroll, a global risk consulting firm, criminal record conviction hits in employment background screening increased from 8.5% in 2005, to 9.1% in 2006, and to 9.5% in 2007.

The upward trend has persisted, and is likely to continue to escalate due to an increasingly higher number of employers doing background checks, along with the background checks being more thorough.

Kroll’s annual Hit Ratio Report shows some interesting statistics by industry, including the following:

–Education had the lowest criminal record hit percentage, at 3.6%, but also the highest percentage of positive drug test results at 8.5%

–Construction had the highest criminal record hit percentage at 15.4%, and the lowest percentage of positive drug test results at 2.1%

–Professional services ranked second in positive drug test results at 6.0%

–The worst driving records were found in the construction industry

–Non-profits had the second highest ranking for employment verification red flags at 55.8%

See the full Hit Ratio Report here:

Although traditional background checks and security investigations can be enormously effective, if the subject has no recorded criminal history, looks to have an untainted reputation, and the history checks out (employment references, degrees, etc.), unfortunately it’s possible that the person might just be very good at evading detection.

Consequently, in your personal life or business, you need to dig deeper using multiple forms of investigation and appraisal, including unconventional resources like handwriting analysis and comprehensive astrology and numerology.

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