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Love Life Timeline Additional Information
S. A. Petullo Corporation © 2005
The Love Life Timeline offers valuable perspective about your past, present, and future.
It’s an invaluable tool to allow you to prepare for and make the most of your love life circumstances.
Single people are empowered to capitalize on the best times in their lives for seeking romantic partners, and for those already in committed relationships, the Love Life Timeline displays the most opportune times to deepen love connections.
The personalized Love Life Timeline also displays select love life challenges so that you’ll know when your love life will be more demanding than usual. Preparing for difficulties and reducing the element of surprise offers tremendous advantage.
Custom Design
Each Love Life Timeline is custom designed and is extensively more complex and accurate than any available computer generated outline. It’s a life map derived from synthesizing hundreds and hundreds numerological and astrological indicators. Scott Petullo personally formats each Love Life Timeline.
It’s impossible at this time, because of technological limitations, to design software capable of creating a personalized Love Life Timeline. Computers can’t yet reason quite like humans; weighing and psychically extracting precise meaning from countless patterns is only something an experienced analyst can do. It would require decades of non-stop programming by a team of software engineers to establish a computer program that could begin to automatically format this type of sophistication without human assistance.
Each Love Life Timeline Purchase ($1995.00) Includes the Following:
  • Complete, personalized Love Life Timeline featuring key circumstances of your love life from age 12-90.
  • An Overall Love Life Ranking.
  • An optional 60 minute phone consultation to ask any questions you might have about your Timeline (Please see details below. No extra charge for those within the Continental U.S.).
Also included with each Timeline purchase is a Timeline Journal, a basic journal/diary format in MSWord to record and track important life events so that you can get the most out of your Timeline.
For an additional cost ($295.00), have your handwriting professionally analyzed in order to identify possible relationship problem areas so that you can make the most of your love life (Please see details below).
The Love Life Timeline is in digital format and is sent to you via email. Encrypted (secure) email delivery is available at no extra cost.
Upon submitting all birth data (full birth date, full legal birth name exactly as it is on the birth certificate, exact birth time, and location of birth) to Scott and payment is provided, Timelines are usually delivered within seven business days.
48 hour rush service guarantees service within two business days (when available).
Overall Love Life Ranking
Included with each Love Life Timeline is a personalized Overall Love Life Ranking. The Overall Love Life Ranking illustrates, in general, how rewarding or challenging your love life is destined to be in this life compared to an average love life.
An average love life (indicated by an “Average” Overall Love Life Ranking) does not live up to the ideal, which is characterized as, for example, including “perfect” love relationships, similar to those in fairytales. “Average” is nice, but not great.
The love relationship ideal category of “Perfect” would be a life-long theme involving flawless love life karma. This does not exist. It sometimes appears to exist, but then hidden sacrifice is eventually revealed. Or, one person or a couple might pretend that it exists (for themselves and/or for others), but this too fades. If the category of “Perfect” did exist, it would be beyond a “V. High” Overall Love Life Ranking, and would include first rate physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual compatibility with all romantic partners. It would also include a total lack of strife, hardship, and friction related to love relationships.
An “Average” Overall Love Life Ranking is probable in about 2/3 of the population and “Low” and “V. Low” are more common than “High” and “V. High.”

The following Scale is used including the subsequent values:

V. Low     Low      Average     High     V. High


V. Low (Very Low)
V. High (Very High) 
A person with, for example, an “Average” Overall Love Life Ranking will have more agreeable love during a “Most Rewarding Love Connections” period than a person with a “Low” Overall Love Life Ranking during the same type of Period.
Alternatively, a person with, for example, a “High” Overall Love Life Ranking will have more fulfilling love during a “Most Rewarding Love Connections” period than a person having an “Average” Overall Love Life Ranking during the same type of period.
The amount of love life reward or challenge in each person’s life is relative to their Overall Love Life Ranking level.
The Overall Love Life Ranking considers both numerology and astrology personality indicators and cyclical timing. Comprehensive numerology and astrology can be used to delineate character traits, compatibility, and to predict fate.
Numerology and astrology personality considerations (along with handwriting analysis) represent who the person is, and the cyclical timing indicators represent where the person finds themselves at any given time (when).
Very favorable personality and timing indications, for example, indicate a life with far more inherent advantage than adversity. A person might have personality considerations indicating an “Average” Overall Love Life Ranking, but if they have, for instance, an abundance of excellent love life cyclical timing throughout their life it will boost the Overall Love Life Ranking to a higher than average grade.
Please note that an Overall Love Life Ranking of “Average” or below does not mean that the person can’t make the most of their love life. Being proactive, avoiding a passive or victim mentality disposition, and doing everything possible to detach from and rise above challenge allows for a better life.
Also, a lower than “Average” Overall Love Life Ranking indicates that a person has chosen, on a higher-self or soul level, to “balance” a higher than average amount of love life karma in this particular lifetime. In light of this, it’s possible that that same person would have improved love life prospects in their next incarnation (or at least in one of the next ones) if they deal with their current love life karma satisfactorily.
Love Relationships
A good relationship bond is either there or it isn’t and is based on your past life karma with each other, level of self-awareness, personal cyclical timing, and degree of challenging or rewarding individual love karma.
Life on Earth is all about the opportunity to learn, while making the most of life. While Relationships may not always give us what we (our personalities) want, they always offer potential for spiritual growth.
Love relationships are wonderful in that they usually offer delightful romance, companionship, and other benefits. However, they are, from a spiritual perspective, primarily for personal growth and achieving various earthly missions (bringing children into the world, accomplishing important goals, doing work that will influence others in significant ways, etc.).
Sometimes we are attracted to people because of our current life programming, much of which is rooted in early life experiences. From a spiritual perspective though, even our childhood experiences are karmic.
Karma is the reason behind why you are sometimes drawn to those who have more of a negative than positive influence in your life; you have unfinished business or lessons to experience together. We are drawn to people in this life in part because of our connections with them from past lives.
Alternatively, the connection could be for other karmic reasons: a test to let go, heal, and move on; fear of being alone; an important, unique lesson; and sometimes the love is genuine, but it may not be sensible.
Finally, it’s important to value each relationship for its uniqueness, and avoid falling into the trap of comparing love connections to the ideal relationship (those portrayed in Hollywood movies and romance novels), which only serves to foster disappointment and unhappiness.
Love Life Timeline Event Categories
It’s important to note that an Event category’s indication (rewarding or challenging) is relative to the person’s Overall Love Life Ranking level. For example, one person’s “Fourth Most Rewarding Love Connections…” indication could very well represent mere acceptable relationships, while another’s could symbolize much more satisfying love connections.
“Most Rewarding Love Connections,” “Second Most Rewarding Love,” “Third Most Rewarding Love,” and “Fourth Most Rewarding Love” identify periods in life when romantic involvement is most rewarding.
Again, as is outlined above, an average love life (indicated by an “Average” Overall Love Life Ranking) does not live up to the ideal, which is characterized as, for example, including “perfect” love relationships, which don’t exist in reality.
Still, “Most Rewarding Love Connections” periods include the most favorable love life timing of a person’s life, relative to the Overall Love Life Ranking.
Moving down the Event column from “Most Rewarding Love Connections” to “Fourth Most Rewarding Love,” the romantic quality is reduced more and more. However, even “Fourth Most Rewarding Love” periods are often times very fulfilling, based on the person’s Overall Love Life Ranking and other indications throughout the Love Life Timeline.
The Event category “Sensual, Physical Encounters; Flings” includes exactly that. If you favor relationships that are primarily physical, these periods firmly represent that type of connection.
“Pleasurable, But Emotionally up And Down; Fade Faster Than Expected; Also Indecision/Worry, And/or Multiple Options” include higher than average thrilling and exciting love, but these periods can also be very much like roller-coaster rides emotionally. Indecision about love and having more than one romantic choice are also themes.
The Event category “Relationship Issues And Partnerships Take Center Stage” involves periods where relationships and partnerships demand more of your time and attention. The degree of reward or challenge at these times depends on other indications throughout each Love Life Timeline.
“Intensely Rich And Deep Connections, But They Don’t Persevere; Finishing Final Chapters” involves some of the most intense love relationships, but they end (“end” does not necessarily mean that two people physically leave each other’s lives) sooner than desired. These connections also often include a higher than average amount of sacrifice. It is in these periods that past-life lovers come back to tie up loose ends, and that people experience directly the concept that everything has time limits.
“Caution: Unfavorable, And/or Adverse/Iffy Love Connections” includes much higher than average inherent challenges in love relationships.
The Event category “Transition Periods: Beware, The Swift Current of Fate Sweeps You Away to a New Existence; Here, Love Bonds Yield More Loss/Sacrifice Than Reward” involves some of the more perilous times for love relationships. Circumstances going against your original expectations and desires are typical, as are ill-advised relationships.
“Isolation And/or Feeling Isolated; Here, Patience is Demanded of You” entails periods where you are feeling more alone than usual, even if you are with a romantic partner.
Finally, the Event category “Rejection And/or Unfulfilled Need For Affection” includes periods where you find yourself feeling much more emotionally and romantically needy than usual. Not getting what you (your personality) want romantically is also a much more common theme during these periods.
Love Life Timeline Particulars and Tips
The Love Life Timeline offers no promises regarding longevity of love relationships. Many people expect, even demand permanently fulfilling love relationships and eventually learn that if it’s not meant to be, it will not be. The best approach toward love is to accept each relationship for what it’s meant to be for however long it’s meant to be, while at the same time doing what you can to make the most of your relationship.
To know the destined circumstances of any particular age in your life, simply look at which Event category row is shaded under the corresponding age.
“Most Rewarding Love Connections” shaded, for example, under ages 30 and 31 does not necessarily mean that all of ages 30 and 31 are ripe for some of your most rewarding romantic love in this lifetime, rather that parts of age 30 and 31 include this specific circumstance.
Also, if "Sensual, Physical Encounters; Flings" for example, isn't indicated for a particular age, it doesn't mean that you won't have that sort of experience at that time, just that you're unlikely to encounter it with its fullest, richest manifestation.
Please ask yourself, “How well do I know myself and my past?” For example, if you can’t remember what your life was like at any particular age in your past, you may not have an easy time matching your Love Life Timeline circumstances to your earlier years, and thus applying the Timeline events to your present and future. Also, if you block out or deny challenging experiences (a cheating spouse, a difficult relationship with a family member, etc.) and pretend everything is fine when it is not, you’re unlikely to recognize challenging and rewarding future circumstances. Because of this it’s recommended that you really think about the insight with which you’re provided corresponding to your past, present, and future before casting aside anything that doesn’t seem right to you. It's also suggested that you use the Timeline Journal to note what happened when in your life, so that you can get a better feel for your Timeline; past, present, and future.
For the finest Timeline paper copy image, it is recommended that you print your Timeline on your printer’s “portrait” setting. See “properties,” “layout,” and “orientation;” you can select either “portrait” (vertical), or “landscape” (horizontal) when you print.
Optional 60 Minute Phone Consultation Included with Purchase of a Love Life Timeline
Please contact me to schedule your 60 minute phone consultation if you chose to take advantage of it. The 60 minute or less phone session included in the purchase of a Love Life Timeline is intended as an opportunity for you ask questions about your custom-made Love Life Timeline.
Have specific questions ready for your 60 minute phone consultation. A question like “will I be happy in love?” is too general. A question like, “I notice that my Love Life Timeline age 46 includes ‘Relationship Issues and Partnerships Take Center Stage’ and also ‘Second Most Rewarding Love.’ Does the former intensify or reduce the probability of meeting someone with whom I would want a relationship?” is more appropriate.
Further information about your love life is available through additional phone consultations, beyond the existing optional 60 minute phone consultation included with every Love Life Timeline. Additional consulting is $495/60 minutes.
Examples of the type of information covered in an additional consultation, outside of the one included with each Love Life Timeline are as follows: If you want to know the exact months most strongly related to a specific event; or, if you want to know about level of compatibility, key phases, duration probability, challenging times, and more connected to your current relationship. As for the latter, it’s necessary to provide the approximate date you and your mate met and began your relationship, plus your partner’s birth data. The probable challenging and rewarding periods in your relationship are measurable through cyclical timing methods.
Optional Handwriting Assessment of Key Relationship Issues
Also available with each Love Life Timeline for an additional $295.00 is a graphology assessment of important personality traits to help you identify possible relationship problem areas.
Please click here for more information about graphology.

Simply discovering (this too is fated, as is the timing of it) one or more potential love relationship blocks with the intent to take the necessary steps to heal yourself can assist you in furthering your love life goals. Handwriting analysis can help you identify those blocks.

The following personality traits are considered in an optional Love Life Timeline graphology assessment:

Commitment, fear of: fear of finality; fear of being trapped.

Conflict avoidance: fear of friction in relationships, fear of not being liked; the result of any number of defenses such as disassociation, evasiveness, rationalization, secrecy, self-deceit, or vanity.

Discernment, sense of: sense of critical analysis; effectiveness in identifying and understanding personality and relationship issues.

Emotional maturity: emotional development and security.

Impulsiveness: excessive spontaneity; may lack sufficient control over urges; possible recklessness.

Intimacy, fear of: fear of closeness with others; fear of getting emotionally involved; desire to keep distance from others.

Restlessness: need for variety and change, boredom with routine.

Self-consciousness: self-doubting, uncomfortable in front of groups, feeling unacceptable.

Self-esteem and ego strength: amount of self-approval; ability to cope with rejection.

Sex, excessive interest or disinterest in: either much higher than average or much lower than average unconscious interest in sex.

Success, fear of: inner fear of achieving happiness; may subconsciously sabotage contentment by entering difficult relationships.

Trusting people, fear of: suspicious of others; distrust in others.

Withdrawal: emotionally drawing back; aloofness.

Personality challenges are more easily recognized under less than ideal circumstances, such as when the subject is under extreme pressure.